Main Market Square, Krakow, Poland

Seeing a hot air balloon in Krakow, several people began to think that it was Elijah’s mode of transportation.

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Amman, Jordan

Elijah liked to collect spoons from the different places he had been, so he felt that the best place to get one in Jordan was in the capital, Amman.  He stopped there for a quick visit.

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Wadi Rum, Jordan

Already in Jordan, Elijah couldn’t wait to take a Jeep ride in Wadi Rum.  Having drunk quite a bit a wine, the bumpy ride was a bit more than he could handle.  Fortunately, someone else was driving.

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Petra, Jordan

Standing in front of the Treasury in Petra, Jordan, Elijah thought he was on the set of an Indiana Jones movie.  As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra, carved out of the rock by the Nabataeans, is an extraordinary site.

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City of Paris, from Eiffel Tower

Looking over the city of Paris from the Eiffel Tower is a remarkable site.  Elijah has a slight fear of heights which made his visit there pretty short.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

What would a visit to Paris be without a visit to the Eiffel Tower?  Elijah couldn’t resist, and it was as romantic as the first time he saw it.

Musee Rodin, Paris, France

Always one for art, Elijah went over to the Musee Rodin and pondered The Thinker for awhile.

Venus De Milo, the Louvre, Paris, France

Once inside the Louvre, Elijah made some time to wander about and see some of the amazing art. Like most tourists, he raced through trying to see the big stuff, ignoring everything else.  

The Louvre, Paris, France

Always an avid reader, Elijah loved Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” and couldn’t wait to stop in at the Louvre.

Synagogue in Venice, Italy

Elijah stopped in the historic Jewish ghetto in Venice.  Wandering around the maze of streets, Elijah got lost several times, and happened to look up and see the synagogue atop an apartment building.