Boston, Massachusetts

Wanting to get in touch with his cultural side, Elijah stops by the ballet in Boston.  He loves how the people talk in Boston – “Pahk yah cah in Hahvahd yahd!”

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Stonehenge II, Hunt, Texas

Still in Texas, Elijah visits the town of Hunt.  There he sees Stonehenge and thinks he is lost – until he realizes it’s an exact replica of the prehistoric one in English county of Wiltshire.

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The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Now in Texas, Elijah stops by the Alamo, scene of the 1836 Texas Revolution.  After a taste of history, Elijah stops for a taste of dinner on the Riverwalk.  Y’all should try it!

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Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Elijah goes surfing on Sunset Beach on Oahu, before heading to his next stop.  Aloha!

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Fairbanks, Alaska

Before heading to the continental United States, Elijah decides to hit Alaska and Hawaii.  And what an extraordinary time to be in Alaska, with this incredible double rainbow!

Kampala, Uganda

Elijah stops by in Kampala, Uganda.  Having travelled the world so much, he’s quite tired by now.  If only these beds had mattresses!

Grund, Luxembourg City, Luxemborg

Looking out over the Grund in Luxembourg City, Elijah wasn’t sure if he was up to going down and then having to walk back up.

Tallinn, Estonia

Wandering the old city of Tallinn, capital of Estonia, Elijah caught a glimpse of an onion dome off in the distance.

The Shambles, York, England

Always looking to see something different, Elijah made his way to the Shambles in York, England. There he found not wine, but meat, for this was once a street where the butchers had their shops.

Windsor Castle, Berkshire County, England

Elijah was hoping that if the Queen was at Windsor Castle, she would invite him in for a drink or perhaps better: some food.